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Stradamus Zrt.

Green source, business transaction, stock market success

About Stradamus

Stradamus Ltd. is a domestic consultancy firm offering unique expertise and services. Our vision and mission dictate that sustainable value creation can only be achieved through collaboration with our clients. As consultants, we possess outstanding knowledge and experience in green financing solutions, ESG consultancy, training, and transaction advisory (M&A). Additionally, Stradamus actively supports companies in their stock market listings, having participated as designated advisors (NOMAD) in numerous successful introductions.

Our leaders have backgrounds in banking, investment, and management consulting, and they have been leveraging their financial, stock market, and sustainability experiences for many years, ensuring the high quality of our services.

Stradamus Ltd. was founded in 2022 with the aim of addressing our clients’ financial, stock market, and ESG-related needs comprehensively through a full-service portfolio. Among the founding owners is the AegisLegal law firm, whose support enables us to also provide legal work, related to our services.

Our services

ESG advisory and green financing solutions

  • Establishment of corporate ESG frameworks

  • Preparation of ESG reports

  • ESG strategic advisory

  • ESG training and mentoring

  • Support for green bond frameworks and green loans, green bond issuances

Corporate transaction

  • Support throughout the entire transaction process during company sales or acquisitions

  • Preparation and review of company valuations

  • Strategic advisory for structuring and financing for capital raising

  • Preparation and organization of bond issuances

  • Organization of fundraisers and roadshows

  • Bond rating advisory

Stock marketi

  • As designated advisors (NOMAD), we offer comprehensive legal and financial services necessary for listing on the stock exchange to our clients


  • Institutional innovation management and strategic advisory for large corporations, universities, and governmental or private organizations

  • Strategic advisory and fundraising for asset managers and incubators

Our team

Boros Áron

CEO - Partner

Kovács Bálint

Director - Partner

Boros-Tóth Adrienne

Senior Consultant

Wágner Hanna

Senior Consultant

László Vanda

Finance and Advisory Manager

Advisory Board

Stradamus strengthens its professional expertise and service portfolio with the members of the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board comprises outstanding professionals who hold leading positions in their respective fields and contribute to the company’s activities with their extensive experience. They possess unique and defining experiences gained through previous collaborative projects, thus they are well acquainted with and adhere to the company’s standards. The expertise and knowledge provided by the advisors complement and enhance the activities of Stradamus Ltd., contributing to the continuous promotion of business success and sustainable growth.

Antal Áron

Boros Gergő

Faluvégi Balázs

dr. Kristóf Péter

Szombati András

Our Featured Partner

AegisLegal, co-owner and key partner of Stradamus Ltd., plays a crucial role in the company’s operation. The goal of the AegisLegal team is to provide highly specialized legal services and strategic advisory to their clients, particularly in the areas of business transactions, capital markets, and trust asset management structures. As Stradamus’ partnering law firm, AegisLegal supports the execution of transactional and stock market deals in a beneficial one-stop-shop setup for our clients.

More Partners

Our Awards, Memberships

‘BSE Xtend Market Advisor of the Year’

Professional recognition for the advisory services provided for the listing of STRT Holding on the stock exchange

Német-Magyar Ipari és Kereskedelmi Kamara

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